Life | Final Days of December

This month I will swapping the sand for snow when I make the trek from San Diego back home to New York for the holidays. As much as I would love to sit on my couch and watch re-runs of the Santa Clause while drinking spiked hot chocolate, I want to take advantage of what both San Diego and New York has to offer. In order to make the most of what’s left in 2015, I’ve made a list of things to see, shop and eat.

Godspeed to all those back home ballers!

»San Diego«


See/Do: Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park | Skating by the Sea |  San Diego Bay of Lights

Eating: Crack Shack | Cravory Cookies | The Great Maple

Shopping: Aloha Sunday Graffiti Beach | Maven | Everyday California



»New York«


See/Do:  Museum of Feeling | NY Rangers at MSGNixie Sparrow 

Eating: Pizza, bagels, pizza bagels and more pizza.

Shopping: Bryant Park Holiday Shops | Chelsea Markets | Saturdays NYC




I’ve gone home too many times now to know the majority of my trip will be spent wearing a perfectly worn in field hockey sweatsuit reliving my varsity days. To keep things practical, I’ve compiled a list of clothes that can be worn in a variety of ways.


1. Topshop Jacket 2. Free People Beanie 3. M Z Wallace Backpack 4. Zara Blouse 5. ASOS Fringed Shawl 6. Nine West Boots 7.Madewell Jeans 8. Zara Ripped Jeans 9. NIKE Blazer Sneakers

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